Communication detached from the context is doomed to fail. When creating an effective message, one must always bear in mind who we are talking to, why and, in what circumstances. A classic rule and timeless principle, but often forgotten. But not by us. We have based our cooperation with the elite brand Auchentoshan precisely on this principle.

Instead of going into details and wasting time trying different paths and solutions, we prefer to clearly define the goal and the manners of achieving it, and then consistently, point by point, strive for the finish line. This was the case, for example, when cooperating with the elite Maker's Mark brand, a producer of craft spirit.

In addition to implementing the client's ideas, we design our own events. In terms of Testa Studios, we build original brands, products, and services of the future. This was the case of Zimowy Narodowy. We've combined strategic, communication, branding, and production competences to create the largest winter town in Europe.

The right location and time make up the recipe for a great event. Its location and the time at which it takes place should be closely related to the event's theme. Thanks to this, everything becomes a logical and understandable whole. This was the case during the Plaża PGE project, which promoted acquiring energy from offshore wind.

An exclusive brand with a clearly defined recipient profile wants to expand the target group. How to draw the attention of potential customers to it so that it does not lose its prestigious character at the same time? Finding the golden mean was crucial in terms of cooperating with Volvo, which is undoubtedly a distinctive brand.

Innovation and building relations – seemingly obvious concepts in the process of creating and implementing communication strategies. However, we are able to look at them in a unique way. Thanks to this ELEVEN SPORTS, a premium TV network, the broadcaster of the best football and Formula 1® races, has shown its trust in us in 2015.