How to carry out an effective brand launching if you know in advance that the promotion is to be aimed at the widest possible group of recipients? What to do in order for our activities are not to get lost in the myriad of other, similar offers, plentiful on the market? When introducing Lubelska Soda to the market, we've focused on a well understood diversity. IDEA, IMPLEMENTATION, EFFECT


Diversity – yes, chaos, mess, and randomness – no. When preparing promotional actions for a new alcoholic beverage, we’ve decided to take advantage of a wide range of marketing tools, which does not mean that they were selected at random. On the contrary, even though there were a lot of them, we tried to keep a certain structure so that they would constitute a logical and orderly process. Due to the refreshing nature of Lubelska Soda, the best time to present it to a wide audience was the summer holiday period, and the location – seaside resorts and cities associated with tourism, including music-festival ones. How to combine locations scattered on the map, give them a common denominator, and make them associated with a colourful, sparkling alcoholic beverage? Specifically for this occasion, we’ve created Musssbus, a cocktail truck that visited Warsaw, Jarocin, Łeba, Płock, Jastarnia, Wrocław and Dolina Charlotty. Musssbus stops, most often lasting a few days, took place in specially prepared chillout outdoor zones, where it was possible not only to try Lubelska Soda, but also to relax on pouffes and sun loungers placed under a tent protecting against the sun. A perfect complement to the tasting consisted in colourful, high-quality gadgets (neon glasses, waterproof cases, sachets) representing the party nature, and other attractions offered by hostesses, such as face and hair painting. Competitions and games carried out by animators were very popular, and the presence of influencers, including Katarzyna Zacharzewska, Adrian Anzorge, Adam Boguta, Klaudia Woźniak, and Martyna Kępa encouraged visiting Musssbus.


Thanks to the diverse nature of stops on the Musssbus route, we were able to reach a wide range of potential consumers. On the one hand, the brand was present during the festival in Jarocin, where about 12 thousand people came into contact with it, and on the other hand, holiday tourists visiting Łeba and Jastarnia had a chance to meet and, as a result become friends with Lubelska Soda. We knew that both groups of recipients should be approached differently, emphasizing different elements. Outcome? During a total of 22 days of events, more than 30,000 potential customers came into contact with the brand, and were offered about 5,000 bottles of Lubelska Soda as well as given almost 6,000 pieces of gadgets. The numbers speak for themselves: TESTA is a solid company that knows its way around. It’s worth trusting us!