Eleven Sports

How to talk about football in a different manner?

TESTA has been associated with ELEVEN SPORTS since the beginning of the network's existence in Poland, so since 2015. Its entry into the domestic television market was a kind of revolution: at the very start, the new broadcaster took over the right to show the most attractive football leagues in the world. That is why the PR and SM activities provided by the agency must not only keep up with the momentum of ELEVEN SPORTS, but also constitute a constant test of our professionalism, conscientiousness, and innovation. The key to success was and still is the answer to the question: how to talk about football in an attractive and innovative way?


The most important thing turned out to be building relations in which a journalist constitutes not only an e-mail address in a contact database, and a Facebook user is more than just a potential donor of “likes”. Tedious work aimed at effective communication with clearly defined audiences: we communicate with sports media in a completely different way than with trade journalists; we send a different message to fans with many years of experience, while those who are just entering the world of sports have completely different expectations.
ELEVEN SPORTS’ ever-expanding portfolio of broadcasting rights, not only concerning football rights, but also the rapidly growing coverage, have shown how important the dynamism of our operations is. Hence, the new form of communication with the media – the so-called flash news, meaning short, compact and concise information, often replacing traditional and long press messages. Whereas, in Social Media, we’ve focused on innovative real-time marketing, which consisted in publishing attractive content while broadcasting a sports event, not waiting for it to end.


Supporting ELEVEN SPORTS in terms of press conferences and events involving football stars, special campaigns, and competitions organised independently or with leading football leagues in Europe constitute following examples of building and strengthening relations with the media and viewers. The test of its durability was the time of the pandemic, which stopped the world of sports, but did not break the strong link connecting the station with fans and journalists. The numbers speak for themselves: during the five years of cooperation with TESTA Communications, the average monthly reach was 50,000,000 (Facebook), 4,800,000 (Twitter), and 320,000 (Instagram); the average monthly number of publications increased from 366 to 950, and the average monthly AVE from PLN 1,328,908 to PLN 7,846,931.