Shelves in pharmacies and drugstores bend under the weight of preparations for throat infections. Dry or wet cough, occurring in children, adults, pregnant women, the elderly, associated with difficult working conditions or allergies... the overabundance of options results in that not only the throat hurts, but the head does as well. How can a potential buyer find himself in this mess and buy one specific product? TESTA showed how to do it in cooperation with the Swiss company Alpen Pharma.


If you’re talking about everything, then you’re really talking about nothing. Seemingly a cliché and a well-known saying, but it is difficult to consistently stick to this principle in the long-term communication process. The temptation to add, supplement, develop, and include something is enormous. And once we open a following door, there is another, and another, and another… until a draft is made, which turns the intricately constructed media plan upside down, creating a mishmash of communicative blandness.


In 2020, while preparing a strategy for Alpen Pharma’s products: Apicold, Cevitt, Alpikol, and Active Flora Baby, we’ve looked for a common feature for all of them. Highly significant, strong, and distinctive features, thanks to which they would enter the awareness of potential clients. Natural ingredients and the highest quality of workmanship – that’s what we’ve focused on when promoting these preparations. Not much, but very substantial.
Remembering that if something is good for everything, it is really good for nothing. We’ve adopted a similar principle by defining a very narrow target group. In this particular case, we’ve chosen young and middle-aged women, mothers caring about the health of children, for whom the opinion of people with similar problems and experiences is important, seeking advice and solutions on specialized websites or online forums. By carefully analyzing the content that appears there, we learned about their needs and expectations, to which we’ve adjusted the offer of Alpen Pharma.


We do not look passively at trends, but we act proactively: we regularly include sponsored materials on popular health related websites, we act boldly in social media. We’ve also created modern versions of the www.apicold.pl and www.cevitt.pl websites, which, in addition to product information, constitute a source of knowledge concerning natural methods of preventing infections. Together with experts, we take care of the quality of the materials posted there, we also try to constantly expand the services with new content and functionality, for example, a list of pharmacies where it is possible to buy Alpen Pharma products. We think and act two steps ahead: we care not only about the customer’s satisfaction, but also about building the awareness of a consumer caring for the quality and thus caring for the health of others and one’s own.