An effective reopening campaign constitutes a measure of the effectiveness of an agency's actions. Such ventures are particularly difficult because they require a thorough analysis and finding an idea that will help the recipients refocus their attention on a given brand. Simply changing the signboard, a bit of glitter, and a "New!" slogan is definitely not enough. A concept on the basis of which an internally coherent strategy is implemented in a consistent manner - this was our idea for reopening Pasaże Tesco.

Just like home

The potential clients of Pasaże Tesco should feel at home when visiting the facilities. And since this home is being reopened, it is necessary to carry out… a housewarming party! Such parties are associated with a warm, neighbourly, and intimate atmosphere. Hospitality, warmth, and openness instead of the impression of intrusiveness, overwhelm, and yelling. TESTA created a universal solution that, due to the assortment of stores in Tesco Passages, was perfect for every tenant. Drugstore? Here you go: we invite you to a uniquely decorated space imitating a bathroom, where perfumes of various brands stand on delicate glass shelves. Clothes? No problem: we encourage you to visit a unique bedroom, in which the entire rich assortment is available in spacious, open wardrobes. Sounds interesting, but… that’s not all! We try to make the most of the possibilities and leave nothing to chance in everything we do. Therefore, seeing further possibilities and opportunities, we went a step further and the idea of a “housewarming party” was skilfully enclosed with attractions that intended to effectively direct the attention of potential customers. Homemade cupcakes fit perfectly into the campaign’s style. Properly branded baked goods were on the one hand used as a subtle teaser, and on the other hand emphasized the event’s cosy and familiar atmosphere. Cupcakes with an attached invitation or surprises prepared by tenants were distributed in the locations with the highest traffic in cities and near Pasaże Tesco by hostesses in eye-catching fashionable outfits of housewives. Housewarming parties absolutely must include casual talks on various interesting topics, and the invited stars, for example, Natalia Siwiec, Mateusz Gessler, or Marta Gałuszewska were perfect in this role. The special guests of Pasaże Tesco recalled their unforgettable housewarming parties and also presented a shopping “must have”, meaning a set consisting of products offered by the tenants. The effect was complemented by street food gastro zones, competitions with attractive prizes, as well as floristic, culinary, and artistic workshops. All of this made our housewarming parties teeming with life!

No way to go without communication

Effective offline and online communication allowed Pasaże Tesco to spread its wings. In the case of printed media, we’ve paid a lot of attention to correctly profiling mailing lists for regional magazines, taking into account the location of Pasaże Tesco. Special invitations were also received by representatives of the industry media. A Facebook campaign supported by competitions, a special website, and the involvement of bloggers and influencers constitute a marketing ABC, which we also devoted a lot of attention to. Our actions were met with such a good reception that we were entrusted with permanent B2C communication of forty Pasaże Tesco throughout Poland! All because we engage in every project already at the level of creation and planning. We know our stuff and it is worth trusting us.